Say goodbye to clients from hell.

I make it easy for you to get feedback from your clients directly on your designs.

These are some of my highlights.

  • Design more. Email less.

    Say goodbye to long email threads that go back and forth. I help you get away from your Inbox & back to designing your masterpiece.

  • For Freelancers & Teams.

    I was made especially for freelance designers and small teams so if you’re one of those I’m almost certain we’ll get along just fine.

  • Save Your Time.

    I let you highlight any areas you want feedback on from your clients, saving your time as feedback is concise and constructive.

  • Unlimited Uploads.

    I’ve got an unhealthy desire to please people, so I won’t be upset if you upload endless images of your beautiful designs.

  • Free 30 day trial.

    Every plan I offer comes with a FREE 30 day trial. This should give you plenty of time to try me out and see if you like me. I hope you do.

  • Cancel any time you like.

    As much as I don’t want you to leave me I understand if you just don’t see us working out. You’re welcome back anytime.

This is how I work.

  1. You create a project.

    It can be for your new client, your new project at work or just something you’re doing on the side. Anything will do.

  2. You upload your designs.

    Choose the designs you want to show off in your newly created project. Remember you've got unlimited uploads.

  3. You share it with someone.

    Share your project with clients or colleagues to get their feedback. I give you a link for the lifetime of your project.

  4. They give you feedback.

    This means you spend as little time in your Inbox as possible & more doing the thing you love; designing.

  5. I tell them about any revisions.

    Hopefully your designs were perfect first time but in case you need to make changes, I’ll let everyone know.

  6. You're done! Sit back & relax.

    By the time you get here your project will be signed off, now you can chill out & get paid. Nice work.

This is how much I cost per month.

Team Plan


Solo Plan


Unlimited Projects 5 Projects
Unlimited Uploads Unlimited Uploads
Unlimited Revisions Unlimited Revisions
SSL Security SSL Security
Monthly Contract Monthly Contract
Includes 30 Day Trial Includes 30 Day Trial
Choose Team PlanIncludes 30 day trial. No credit card required. Choose Solo PlanIncludes 30 day trial. No credit card required.
  • How does the 30 day trial work?

    You’ve got 30 days to try me out and see if you like me. We won’t charge your credit or debit card until after these 30 days. If you decide to cancel before then you won’t be charged a penny.

  • Can I change plans at any time?

    You sure can, just choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. I’ll start charging you the new monthly rate at your next scheduled payment date.

  • Can I really cancel at any time?

    Of course, you’re in complete control of your account at all times. If you cancel & there are more than 7 days of the month left you won’t be charged at all. However if there are less than 7 days of the month left, you will be charged for the entire month.

  • What type of payment do you accept?

    I accept any of the following as payment.

  • Have a different question?

    You can email the guys who built me or send them a tweet if you’d like to ask them something. They’re really nice people.